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Below are the answers to the frequently asked questions.

Can an enterprise apply for a project and allocations?

Yes, on a commercial basis. For details, please contact us.

Can a student/PhD candidate apply for his own project and allocations?

No. The project investigator (PI) must be a person working in a Polish research institute/university and holding a doctoral degree. The student / PhD candidate should ask the academic supervisor to create a project and apply for allocation.

My allocation has expired

On the project's page, click the extend allocation button. We want to simplify procedures and minimize bureaucracy.

The allocated resources have been consumed

On the project's page, click on the request resource allocation button. As long as the request for a new allocation is intended to complete the project (i.e. a fraction of the originally requested resources), no additional justification is required. In the case of applying for resources comparable with the initial amount, then the application will be evaluated according to the type of allocation.

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