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Below are the answers to the frequently asked questions.

Who can become a user?

Any employee or student / PhD candidate (with the approval of the research tutor) of a Polish university or research unit can become a user.

Is the access free of charge?

Access to resources for non-commercial research and teaching is free of charge.

Can an enterprise apply for a project and allocations?

Yes, on a commercial basis. For details, please contact us.

Can a student/PhD candidate apply for his own project and allocations?

No. The project investigator (PI) must be a person working in a Polish research institute/university and holding a doctoral degree. The student / PhD candidate should ask the academic supervisor to create a project and apply for allocation.

My account has been closed, I would like to restore it

Accounts are closed in accordance with the account closure procedure To recover your account one have to go again through the account creation procedure and:

  • enter the same e-mail address that was provided with the old account,
  • choose the same login,

After submission of the account application form, the you will receive an automatic e-mail. Click on the link in the e-mail, then select the checkbox I want to reactivate my old account.

Please note that the (newly) opened accounts which are not assigned to an active allocation will be closed again after some time.

I struggle to fill in the affiliation

The Resource Allocation System requires supplementing affiliations in accordance with official registers of data on higher education and science in Poland.

Information about institutes and their units is obtained from an external database RADON. The data may not be up-to-date for every unit. The RADON search engine uses polish letters. Sometimes adding and removing spaces helps. Please, be patient and wait a few seconds after typing the first few letters. It may also happen that the RADON database is temporarily overloaded/unavailable.

The allocated resources have been consumed

It is possible to request additional resources in existing allocation. On the project's page click on the allocation of interest and request changes.


If you prefer to open a new allocation, the from the project's page, click the request resource allocation button. As long as the request for a new allocation is intended to complete the project (i.e. a fraction of the originally requested resources), no additional justification is required. In the case of applying for resources comparable with the initial amount, then the application will be evaluated according to the type of allocation.

Can the title, description and field of science of a new project be edited after it has been saved?

Yes. Use the button `Update project information. It is located at the top of the project's description page.

The granted resources have not been consumed in the declared time, should I reapply for these resources?

It is possible to request additional resources in existing allocation. On the project's page click on the allocation of interest and request changes.


You may request a new allocation for the remaining number of hours (old allocations are closed the automatically). It is enough to provide a simple justification like Due to the unused allocated CPUh, please move them to the new allocation. This type of resource allocation requests does not require additional review.

Is it possible to have more than one allocation for a given project at the same time?

You can have an allocation for topola/okeanos/rysy cluster in the same project at the same time.

Are type large allocations requested the same as standard allocations?

If the total value of the allocation exceeds 2 million CPUh during the year, you will receive a form to be completed. The form will be sent for review.

How to check storage quota?

Description is here.

How to check my CPUh consumption?

Description is here.

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