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Terms of service

The following regulations are intended to guarantee the ICM systems integrity, usability, and to provide the users with access to the computational infrastructure at Interdisciplinary Centre of Mathematical and Computational Modelling, University of Warsaw (throughtout the document referred to as ICM).

  1. A user is allowed to hold only one account at each ICM computer. In case of working in more than one project simultaneously, the user belongs to more than one system group. The user is responsible for all the account's activity. In particular, the accounts are strictly bound to the designated users and sharing them if strictly forbidden.

  2. The ICM account can be used only by the user to which it haas been explicitly provided and only for the purpose agreed upon during the registration. The user is responsible to keep the account password secure to prevent the unauthorized use. In case the account security is compromised, the user is obliges to immediately inform the ICM Support staff - this also applies to the situation in which a user is able to access more than one ICM account.

  3. In case a user concludes participation in a project, the grant owner/manager should immediately inform the ICM Support staff resulting in closing the user's account.

  4. Computational jobs should be submitted only in accordance with the ICM regulations. In general, desktop account are only provided to ease the access to the servers. In case a desktop is intended to be used for calculations, it should be discussed with ICM staff in advance.

  5. Users are obliged to manage the ICM computational resources within the provided limits. In particular, it does apply to disk space, RAM and CPU time usage. Large and unused data sets, temporary files, results, etc. should be deleted or archived. Members of the group projects should avoid keeping multiple copies of the same datasets.

  6. Users are not allowed to use ICM printers with exceptions discussed with ICM staff in advance.

  7. When no student classes are held and no other activity takes place, users are allowed to use the graphical desktop workstations at the computer laboratory. Access to the laboratory is possible only at times when ICM personnel is present.

Abuse of computer infrastructure (computers, network, software, data) will result in immediate access blocking to all of ICM resources. The decision to block the access is made by the ICM staff and is final.

Examples of computer abuses as recognised by ICM:

  1. Use or an attempt to use the ICM infrastructure without permission or for the purpose other than agreed upon during account registration,
  2. Violation or an attempt of violating the ICM (or other) systems integrity,
  3. Accessing, modifying, copying or distributing data that belongs to other user without an explicit permission,
  4. Providing false information to gain access to ICM resources,
  5. Any activity resulting in disrupting operation of ICM systems as well as any activity aimed at disrupting other users work.
  6. Violating license conditions of any software installed at ICM computer systems.
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