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ICM e-mail

General information

  • ICM mail server address:

  • User e-mail address is of the form: By default, aliases are created: and

  • Authorisation with the login/password.

  • To access e-mail from the system terminal, a MUA (Mail User Agent) can be used such as mutt or pine.

  • It is recommended to check e-mail regurarily or redirect messages to another account.

  • ICM mail should be used only for the project-related purposes.

Receiving e-mail: Client configuration

  • Outgoing e-mail:

    • Server:
    • Protocol: SMTP
    • Port: 587
    • Encryption: STARTTLS
  • Incoming e-mail:

    • Server:
    • Protocol: IMAP
    • Port: 993
    • Encryption: SSL/TLS

Webmail interface

ICM e-mail can be accessed from the web browser at

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