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Login via SSH (Windows)

Access to the ICM from a Windows computer

Logging in from the terminal level

Modern versions of Windows 10 provide an ssh client from PowerShell (command interpreter) in text mode. After starting the PowerShell window, run the command ssh and follow the instructions on the [SSH login] page (./

Graphic client (PuTTY)

Download the PuTTY program, available at (it is executable - ready to use):

Run the downloaded program. A window similar to the following is displayed:

  • In the field Host Name (or IP address) enter (access machine address) and click the Open button.

  • When logging in for the first time, a window with a related message will appear access key. The key should be confirmed by selecting the 'YES' option

Authorization is two-factor (2FA). A terminal appears in which we are asked to provide:

After entering both values ​​we are on the access computer (this computer may also be called hpc):

Computers in the ICM network are equipped with operating systems from the UNIX family.

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