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Scientific computations at ICM UW


ICM UW provides High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure to researchers and commercial entities. These webpage is dedicated to documentation of running HPC jobs at ICM UW.

Do I need a supercomputer?

graph LR
  A[Project] --> B{Laptop became to small?};
  B --> P1[Are you limited by available hardware resources?];
  B --> P2[Problem at the pre/post-processing stage?];
  B --> P3[Too many cases/variants?];
  B --> P4[Commercial cloud too expensive?];
  B --> P5[I don't know HPC or linux];
  P1 --> S[Take advantage of the ICM UW facilities!];
  P2 --> S[Take advantage of the ICM UW facilities!];
  P3 --> S[Take advantage of the ICM UW facilities!];
  P4 --> S[Take advantage of the ICM UW facilities!];
  P5 --> S[Take advantage of the ICM UW facilities!];

What I will gain?

  • Remote workstation
  • Time savings:
    • quicker calculations
    • fast data transfer
    • remote vizualization
    • work automation
  • Professional technical support
  • Trainings

ICM Technology Centre

About ICM

Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling, University of Warsaw (ICM UW) is one of the leading European supercomputing centres providing innovative solutions for science, administration, and business. ICM's offer includes supercomputing resources for advanced computational research, optimised high-performance scientific software, complex modelling, simulations, as well as data processing, analysis and visualisation.

For our users, we maintain a software base dedicated for high-performance computer systems. Our portforio includes projects for both public and private sectors (energy, environment, transport, medicine). Since 2018, ICM organises international Supercomputing Frontiers Europe conference dedicated to visionary trends and innovations in HPC.

Some of ICM's most recognisable projects include:

  • - meteorological service utilising numerical weather forecasts.
  • HPC hackathons and programming challenges.
  • second-degree (MSc) studies in computational engineering.
  • epidemiological model for Poland

About us

Application Software and User Support Group (OWU) at ICM is dedicated to providing HPC users with both direct help-desk support as well as expertise shared via periodic tutorials, training and Q&A sessions. The former is assisted with integrated software solutions designed to manage research projects, user base, HPC accounting, and mechanisms to automate application deployment across heterogeneous infrastructure. The latter is a continuous effort to widen general computer knowledge with topics ranging from fundamentals of supercomputing, operating systems, and parallel programming to scientific tutorials.

The Group employs specialists with various scientific and technical backgrounds to address the users’ domain-specific requirements. That knowledge enables us to constantly seek challenging projects that present us with new opportunities. This includes both academic projects as well as commercial ventures that require a variety of software licensing options (free or proprietary).

The ICM supercomputing facility changes along with its users and global research trends. OWU makes sure to adapt to this ever-changing environment by organising and actively engaging in the annual HPC User Conference, where the newest technologies, research, and technical issues are discussed and solved.

OWU’s core responsibilities include

  • HPC User Support
  • Application Software Deployment, Testing and Monitoring
  • Engaging in Domain-Specific Conferences and Research Activities
  • Developing and Maintaining Software Documentation
  • Organising Tutorials and Training Sessions

Joanna Jędraszczyk

OWU Team Leader

  • modeling of surface and groundwater flows
  • environmental field measurements for numerical models
  • 12 years of experience in cooperation with scientific users
  • first and second line of user support
  • experience in POWIEW, PL-Grid, PL-Grid NG, EuroCC projects
  • knowledge of queuing systems, computing servers, user support tools, ticket systems
  • providing access to software licenses
  • financial settlements of projects, purchase of HPC equipment

Michał Dzikowski

  • full-stack developer of the grant system
  • user support
  • numerical modeling of geoflows in porous media based on the lattice Boltzmann method
  • development of the TCLB code
  • conducting classes and supervising master's theses in numerical fluid mechanics

Krzysztof Smoliński

Jakub Gałecki

  • user support
  • installation of software on HPC servers
  • conducting trainings and didactic classes.

Michał Hermanowicz

  • calculations of the electronic structure of materials using the density functional theory (DFT); Material Engineering; surface physics,
  • maintainer of the NEC vector computer,
  • user support
  • conducting trainings and didactic classes.

Jan Miśkiewicz

  • theoretical physics: theory of gravitation and general relativity, black holes horizons, gravitational waves
  • user support
  • installation software on HPC servers, CI/CD
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