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ICM UW Documentation

ICM UW provides High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure to researchers and commercial entities.

ICM Technology Centre

About us

Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling, University of Warsaw (ICM UW) is one of the leading European supercomputing centres providing innovative solutions for science, administration, and business. ICM's offer includes supercomputing resources for advanced computational research, optimised high-performance scientific software, complex modelling, simulations, as well as data processing, analysis and visualisation.

For our users, we maintain a software base dedicated for high-performance computer systems. Our portforio includes projects for both public and private sectors (energy, environment, transport, medicine). Since 2018, ICM organises international Supercomputing Frontiers Europe conference dedicated to visionary trends and innovations in HPC.

Some of ICM's most recognisable projects include:

  • - meteorological service utilising numerical weather forecasts.
  • HPC hackathons and programming challenges.
  • second-degree (MSc) studies in computational engineering.
  • epidemiological model for Poland
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