Reports and publications

Grant reporting takes place once a year, usually in March/April. A remainder is e-mailed in advance to all registered grant owners.

Grant owner's responsibilities include submitting a report which should be an overview of the project including:

  • Obtained results,
  • Specification of the software used within the project,
  • Information on the machines used to run calculations,
  • Resources used (CPU core hours),
  • Information on other grants (NCN, NCBiR, FP7, etc.) in which the ICM results are used.

Please make sure to provide also the following information within the grant management system:

  • Update the list of publications related to the project,
  • Attach papers, reports, presentations as PDF files,
  • Project's abstract,
  • Verified contact information to the grant owner and members.

Please make sure to close the accounts of former grant members.

To every grant-related publication, the following clause should be added:

'''This research was carried out with the support of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling (ICM), University of Warsaw, under grant no Gxx-xx '''

See also the grant owner's responsibilities.

Grant reports as well as related publications should be uploaded in the grant management system.

To do so:

  • Choose your grant from the Moje granty* tab after loggin into the grant management system,

  • Include your report and publications in the Sprawozdania section using the option dodaj sprawozdanie do grantu.

Last update: December 4, 2020
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