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Account and password

The account name and password are created upon user registration by the grant manager or upon adding new users to the grant. The password is sent automatically via e-mail to the address provided within the registration form.

  • The account name consists of max. 8 characters. It is not the e-mail address given at the first registration, but the login created upon the second stage of registration.
  • Note: the password generated within the firm is not yet active. Please use the password sent via e-mail.
  • Grant manager should create the account (with the name being max. 8 characters long) and add him/herself to the grant users.

In case of any difficulties obtaining the account's password - please contact us.

Accessing ICM

To use the ICM computational infrastructure, please log into the access node at via SSH using the created account name (do not use your e-mail address).

For more information on connecting – plase see examples for MS Windows and UNIX/GNU/Linux.

Submitting tasks to hydra and topola is possible directly from the access node. To submit tasks to other systems, it is necessary to log in further, e.g. ssh okeanos or ssh rysy.

First login

At the first login the user will be asked to change his/her password - see below:

WARNING: Your password has expired.
You must change your password now and login again!
Changing password for user login_użytkownika

Enter login(LDAP) password:                 <----- wpisać hasło początkowe z maila
New password:                               <----- wpisać nowe hasło
Retype new password:                        <----- ponownie  wpisać nowe hasło
LDAP password information changed for username
  • Note: the password you type won't appear on the screen due to security reasons; press enter when done.

  • If the password sent by e-mail won't arrive upon registration, please check your spam folder. In case of other difficulties, please contact us.

  • The password can be changed via passwd command. Please note that it cannot be a palindrom, a string of consecutive keyboard characters, or similar to the previous password.

Last update: December 7, 2020
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