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Okeanos - Call for applications

Research grants at the Okeanos supercomputer

Since July 2016 the ICM University of Warsaw offers the Okeanos supercomputer to researchers – a Cray XC40 system. Okeanos has more than 1000 compute nodes, each one having two 12-core Intel Xeon Haswell processors and 128 GB RAM. All nodes of the system are connected through by ultrascalable Cray Aries network in Dragonfly topology.

Addressing the ICM'a technological challenges, Cray Inc. has built a system which is an unprecedented HPC solution available in the country. It's unique with respect to its high computing power, scalability, and high performance graph data processing. It is well suited and intended for calculations requiring few thousand CPU cores and dozens of terabytes of RAM.

Okeanos system, along with its big data analytics and storage solutions are key infrastructural components of the OCEAN Competence Centre at Białołęka, Warsaw. For more information.

6-th call for applications

We invite all researchers to apply for access to Okeanos within the 6-th call for applications.

Terms and conditions

Types of research grants, support levels, evaluation criteria, and results reporting have been covered in a separate document.

Important dates

For A-type grants: Call is open until February 10, 2019. System access will be provided for 1 year, starting on March 1, 2019.

For B and C-type grants: Applications are accepted continuously.

Application form

  • Application form in English: PDF

  • Grant continuation form (for 1 year): PDF

Submitting applications

Please register at to submit the grant application. The form with the grant-type specified (A/B/C) should be attached as abstracts to the grant application. Grant owner and member accounts have to be created directly within the grant management system. For more information, please see this page.

Last update: September 18, 2020
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