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Submitting grant application

ICM grant management system (IcmGrants)

Computational resources are provided to the grant owner based on the submitted application form. To generate the form and its further processing the ICM grant management system at should be used.

The system allows to:

  • submit ICM account application,
  • submit ICM grant application,
  • add grant members/users,
  • submit annual grant reports,
  • add papers and other works that benefited from the ICM Infrastructure.

How to prepare the grant application

Note: Application form to access the Cray system (Okeanos) are available here

Grant cpplications to access Hydra, Topola, Boreasz, Nostromo

Upon accessing the grant management system at it is necessary to:

  • Log in using previously obtained credentials,
  • Access tab Utwórz grant,
  • Fill in the form Dodawanie grantu:

    • Project title,
    • Field of study (select one or provide your own),
    • Select the required software. If not applicable - leave the choice of ABINIT software package,
    • Add hardware requirements, e.g. number of CPUs, memory, disk space or a particular cluster,
    • Add any additional requirements (system or network configuration etc.),
    • Add grant members/users,
    • Select an estimated grant duration (in months). After this time, the grant should be closed and, if desired, a new grant application should be submitted - either as a continuation or a new project,
    • Provide the keywords related to the project and used methodology (those will be used for searching the grant database),
    • Abstract in plain text (at least a dozen sentences describing the project, calculations, and justification to use the HPC Infrastructure,
    • For PhD students: Provide the name of your scientific/research tutor who will accept your project.
  • Confirm/save the form with zatwierdzić dane.

    • Note: if the information has not been confirmed/saved, it is likely that an error occured in the form - it will be indicated at the form gap containing an error (e.g. provided text is too long).
  • After confirming the information, a new form appears: Dodawanie użytkownika do grantu (Note: This can also be done after the grant is activated).

NOTE: Being a grant owner, you are not automatically designated as its member/user. To be able to run the calculations within the grant, you need to have an ICM account: you may add a user who already has one, add a new user, and add yourself as a user. If you won't do the latter, the user account won't be created for you.

  • Add the grant owner CV as a PDF file.

  • As a final step: Generate the application with Wyświetl plik PDF zgłoszenia grantu.

Grant activation

After filling the application form and successfully generating the application PDF, it is necessary to:

  • Read the Terms of Service,

  • Sign the application (as the grant owner) and the user forms (as the grant users).

  • Send the scanned application to pomoc(monkey) The signed and scanned user forms should also be attached (PDF files are available at the grant users login names).

The grant will be activated within 5 work days after the application has been submitted. To gain access to a particular machine, an e-mail should be sent to pomoc(monkey)

Adding grant members

The grant owner, upon accessing tab Moje granty and choosing an appropriate grant on the list, can add the grant members.

  • Add a member who doesn't have an ICM account,

    • Choose dodaj użytkownika do grantu and fill in the form. Please note in particular: -Add institution/unit - you may choose on from the provided list. If not listed, please add it manually to the database with Dodaj instytucję/jednostkę. It takes two steps: (1) add main institution (e.g. University of Warsaw), (2) add the unit within the main institution (i.e. faculty/department etc.). Then choose the added instituion and unit with dodaj jednostkę do instytucji.

    • Phone number/Telefon - your phone number.

    • E-mail address to which the ICM notifications will be sent.

    • Login - used to access the grant management system, ICM machines and your e-mail username at ICM (; max. 8 characters or digits, no special characters.

  • Add a member who already has an ICM (e.g. is an owner/member of another grant)

    • Choose dodaj istniejącego użytkownika do grantu option and select the user from the provided list. The user will be added to the grant automatically. Please note that it's also necessary for a new user to contact to gain access to the machines or particular software.

Grant owner responsibilities

Grant owner, after the grant has been activated, should:

  • Verify information on the grant members, e.g. report the accounts that should be closed, ammend contact information, etc.
  • Update the grant abstract, if necessary,
  • Update institution details, if changed, for every grant member,
  • Respect the software license agreements,
  • Add the project-related papers/publications in the grant management system,
  • To every grant-related publication, the following clause should be added:

'''This research was carried out with the support of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling (ICM), University of Warsaw, under grant no Gxx-xx '''

  • Once a year, Submit a grant report,
  • Once a year, participate in the ICM Users Conference (e-mail notifications).

Multiple grants

The grant owner may have more than one active ICM grant. New grant applications should be submitted if:

  • Time declared in the grant application is soon to be exceeded (max. 24 months),
  • A new, unrelated project is planned.

Last update: September 18, 2020
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