General rules

General rules governing the use of ICM infrastructure:

  • ICM resources are open for scientific community.

  • Access to the resources for non-commercial research and teaching is free of charge.

  • Running calculations is allowed within computational grants.

  • Users are obligated to adhere to the Terms of Service.

  • Principal investigator (PI) is obligated to submit a grant report once a year (first quarter) in the Resource Allocation System.

  • PI, or an appointed representative, may be invited to participate in the User Conference held by ICM.

  • All the publications related to the computational grant should be reported in the Resource Allocation System and contain an appropriate acknowledgement to the ICM infrastructure such as: This work has been supported by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Moddeling (ICM), University of Warsaw (UW), within grant no ...*


Principal investigators are obligated to maintain (in the Resource Allocation System) an up-to-date e-mail addresses and phone numbers to each grant user including the PI.

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