HPC Centre at ICM University of Warsaw

ICM is a provider and developer of an effective computational infrastructure used for scientific purposes. It carries out its own research and development activity, providing theoretical and practical background on computational sciences.

Its main areas of contribution for the scientific community include:

  • extensive support for scientific projects requiring high-performance computing and processing large quantities of data
  • creating new computational software for multiprocessor systems (with a high level of parallelism) and optimising of the existing packages
  • development and administration of various internet services, such as the portal providing high resolution numerical weather forecasts for Central Europe
  • mathematical and computational modelling of complex systems and the processes within them, concerning areas such as:
    • personalised medicine
    • life sciences
    • natural environment issues
    • material engineering
  • development of visualization software
  • attracting talented young pupils and students of sciences

The digital resources are available to all members of the scientific community. The number of awarded computational grants, which enable scientists to carry out their research with the aid of ICM’s infrastructure, is steadily growing. The number of publications featuring results obtained as part of the computational grants amounts to 130-150 a year.

The current projects involve areas such as:

  • biotechnology
  • medicine
  • material engineering and other technologies
  • environmental sciences and climate studies
  • information processing and transferring technologies
  • classical sciences - chemistry, physics and astronomy