Projekt G34-10


Informacje o projekcie

  • Numer: G34-10
  • Tytuł: TEAM - Quest for superconductivity in crystal-engineered higher fluorides of silver
  • Kierownik: dr hab. Wojciech Grochala (ICM)
  • Data otwarcia: 2008-11-03

Lista realizatorów

  • dr Armand Budzianowski (ICM UW)
  • dr Piotr Leszczyński (ICM)
  • mgr Mariana Derzsi (ICM)


Main goal of the project is to synthesize (at either ambient or elevated pressure) and characterizethe first non-oxocuprate high-temperature superconducting material based on derivatives of divalent silver, Ag(II). Compositions studied encompasses novel fluorides, and oxo- derivatives, with short subproject on binary chloride.

Lista publikacji

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